Boy Seeks Girl

Impossibly Searching Seeking Same (M/28/Fairmount)

In a parallel universe I am some sort of 1950s Beat Hipster, maybe an American Revolution era philosopher, a 1920s Harlem jazzman, or maybe a partisan struggling against the state in an non-descript B&W totalitarian dystopia. Moved into this asphalt asylum, also known as the Art Museum Area in Philly, in late 1999. Born in Philadelphia suburbs, schooled in area parochial institutions, educated at Penn State, and enlightened in many subjects including camping, mountain biking, and movie watching. Left college in 1997 with a degree in Political Science, drove cross-country, saw The Matrix, and realized I must join the digital revolution. After receiving adequate technical training following my graduation, I spent the next few years in a number of start-ups and low-down urban juke-joints. Never got rich and the money I did make is in a urinal somewhere in Olde City. Following the dot com crash, Bush recession and a lot of procrastinating, I was laid off. Always landing like a feline acrobat, this cat started his own business. I’ve been a one man consulting team for the past two years, writing software, designing web sites, and managing data networks. I’m working on a real estate license at the moment. To balance things out I am quite dedicated to my primary love — writing and reading. I take tea every morning at 10:30, only wear earthtones, and would choose a vinyl album over a CD any day of the week. I’m seeking someone I may share the rest of my life with. Nothing is more important than being able to love and support a family in the not too distant future. I would like to have a good woman in my life to share my secrets, life’s experiences and the future. I am very ambitious but always careful to not allow my career to interfere with connecting with friends and loved ones. More than anything, I want someone I can communicate with about my intellectual and creative pursuits. A good conversationalist will trump all other cards, especially someone who likes to laugh and can appreciate the absurdity and joy of life. Open mindedness, intellectual curiosity, and solid values regarding family and relationships gets my attention – no doubt. At least a timid interest in current political events helps. I love kids and look forward to having a few of my own in the future. Pessimists, cads, emotional thieves, and playas not welcome. Romantics, intellectuals and artists most desired.

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