Jazz Baby

The first week at the new job went really well. I spent a lot of time doing research, writing, and I coded some prototypes. I’m just generally getting settled into some new technologies I’ll be working with. Really great people, great technology, great location.

Its an open work space. The building is right on the canal towpath. I’m a good stone’s throw from the Schuylkill River its catfish. Here’s a shot of my desk and a shot of the length of the office.

I made it to the 30th Street Station by 6:00pm Friday night. We got home, got the stroller, and went up to check out the free Friday night Jazz on Baltimore Avenue. Most fortuitously, the whole thing will happen every Friday night during the summer — right next to a playground. The baby got to burn off some steam, we got to nervously watch her go full monkey on the playground, and we all got to hear some great music. The baby didn’t dance though. Jazz is more of a mental trip for her.

This child is now capable of climbing all the way UP the sliding board. A little boy about 6 months older than she just stood and stared in awe. Our child has no fear.

A party in Mount Airy.

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