The Ascent of Baby

A few weekends ago we went to Jenny and Todd’s place for Audry’s 1st birthday party. There were many babies. Not quite as many when we had a pot-luck dinner a few weeks back with 15 babies (!) between 6 weeks and 10 months old, but there were many babies all the same. Here’s Lucy in this video at 6 mos, Audrey (12 mos), Molly (18 mos), and my college friend, Jenny (431 mos).

Amongst our crowd of friends we have a couple with a daughter who is about 24 months old and another from another couple who is 30 months in age. Think about that — we’re talking about the potential for a really funny pic or video of 5 little girls, all about 6 months apart, scattered at 6 month intervals from 6 months through 2 and 1/2 years old. I suspect getting them all to sit still, with the addition of two more to the crowd, would be exponentially more difficult than what goes on in this video.

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