East Broad Top with Wayne and RT

Wayne, I, and Wayne’s old rail buddy, RT, took a trip out to East Broad Top in September. RT was a long time rail enthusiast, with a long career history in the rail industry, a long-time friend of Wayne, and an all-around nice guy. As it would turn out, RT, aged 80, passed a few weeks after our trip out to East Broad Top in Rockhill Furnace, PA.

East Broad Top Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotive #15

After the train passed through, we stood and waited for the whistle to echo through the valley. Amongst the late summer grass and wildflowers we held our breath in silence as the train lumbered through. And then it came, loudly at first, then it repeated and faded off into the distance, slowly drowned out by distance and crickets and wind. And then it was just gone. RT was the most animated I had ever seen him. I thought to myself, this is a guy who knows his bliss; this is a guy who can die happy. I reckon he most likely did.

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