Athletic Baseball Club of Philadelphia vs. Elkton Eclipse

I dropped by a make-shift 19th century baseball field in Fairmount Park on Sunday to catch my first game put on by the Mid-Atlantic Vintage Baseball League, a contest between the Athletic Baseball Club of Philadelphia and the Elkton Eclipse of Maryland. The league uses rules that were in effect in 1864, and equipment and uniforms to match the era. The league boasts 17 affiliates in PA, MD, NJ, and NY, with two Sunday games per month during baseball season. These fellows might not get paid much, but they certainly put in an effort and put on a great demonstration of how baseball was when it was confined mostly to sandlots and public parks. Upcoming matches are on April 24 and May 2.


(PHL) Athletics slugger slams the ball
Elkton Eclipse await next some swings
Pitcher chats with umpire
Umpire watches the action

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