The USS John Galt Arrives

We’ve got a boat.

From the time the first pic was taken til the last, 34 minutes passed, according to the timestamp on my Droid. We weren’t particularly racing, and we sorta got hung up when we didn’t initially realize that the middle and rear seats weren’t identical and we needed to rely on the directions to sort things out, but the first set-up of our new 10’8″ porta-bote went pretty smoothly.

The sales guy said it would be a real pain the first time we put it together. It really wasn’t that bad. Now that I know what we did wrong, it should take about 10-15 minutes to set-up, as the sales guy said it would once the hinges loosened up and got the hang of things. Overall, first impressions are that it was a bit heavier than I expected. It supposedly weighs 65 lbs so pulling this off of the roof of the car, or putting it back on, is probably best done as a two person job. But if I’m feeling really motivated and am looking to spend 4+ hrs on the water, I could probably manage it myself. If I’m feeling really motivated. And, on the other hand, it was easier to put together than I expected. So, averaged out, expectations are spot-on so far.

We’re picking up some equipment for the roof rack on Saturday morning, then we’ll probably be dropping it in the water in either the lake at Marsh Creek State Park or in the Delaware River up near New Hope. So far, I’m happy with the product. Figuring out how to secure it for transport is the final challenge. (That, and carrying it up four flights of stairs to the man-room in our apartment at the end of the hall.) Luckily, my more mechanically inclined father will be on the scene when we ship out with it on the roof so there will be someone else to double-check things. 

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2 Responses to The USS John Galt Arrives

  1. Wayne says:

    Ed –

    You should be able to get some tie-down straps with little ratchet thingies that will secure the boat to the roof rack. I used to use such straps to haul ladders on a roof rack on my old Datsun station wagon.

    BTW, who is John Galt?

    Cheers — Wayne

  2. I picked up something tonight with straps for the front and rear. I’ll post pics tomorrow. It looks like I’m all set to transport this thing.

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