First Catches of the Season!

After much sturm und strang, I have finally caught my first fish of the season. I told Kate I wouldn’t start catching fish until the Phillies started hitting the ball. After watching the Fightin’s put a beat-down on the Twins on Friday night at the statdium, I went back yet again to Darby Creek on Saturday to throw some worms at the water. I nailed a couple of nice little Bluegills at low tide. Definitely nothing to brag about, but after my recent drought, I’d be happy for whatever nature was looking to offer up. If anything, this dry spell has taught me just how little I know about fishing.

After some success on the creek, on the other side of the trail, I went over to the impoundment for a couple of dozen casts. I received a viscious strike from what was probably a bass on my new Texas rig I’ve been experimenting with. It nearly knocked the rod out of my hand. But the hook didn’t set. I also lost a nice, new $7 Rapala crank bait, despite not finding any snags on the bottom last weekend. I guess that’s what I get for throwing a lure that sinks to 6′ into 2′ of water. I won’t do that again. There were plenty of bass jumping but I’ve yet to figure out what/when they are interested in. Crankbaits of various colors, top-water stick baits, worms, rubber worms, rubber salamanders. No dice yet. Its just a matter of time though.

When workmate Victor and I were there last, we encountered a fellow that was having quite a bit of good luck in the creek with catfish. As I was packing up on Saturday he came by, totally exhausted. Apparently on the opposite end of the impoundment, along the trail, there’s a little sign of a fish with an arrow pointing off into nowhere. If you follow some little trail there’s evidently a small pond that is absolutely loaded with bass and crappie. He said his arms were throbbing from pulling in 20+ lunkers over the course of a few hours. He also noted he caught the largest fish of his life back there and even had a bass lunge on, and attach itself to, a crappie he was realing out of the water — thus catching two fish on one hook/cast! Victor and I are gonna have to find a day when the temps are bit more moderate and might even have to consider throwing all of our gear on our backs and biking there. It might be a good five mile round-trip to this secret lcoation, assuming we can find it. GPS indicates possibly 3 or 4 ponds back there.

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