Call Me “Capt’n”

Those of you who know me or read this blog might be aware of how much I enjoyed my resurrected hobby last year, fishing. I decided to get (back) into it last year because I found myself working a lot of days out in Reading, PA and spending evenings at a hotel. I needed something to do and nature provided ample opportunities. It helped the time go by last spring and early summer, and provided months of fun for the rest of the summer in bodies of water closer to home.

I find I enjoy fishing from a boat. It doesn’t need to be a large boat. A small boat is fine. I just don’t like having to stand next to everyone else in the parking lot. A small boat lets one get to places out of the way. None of the waterways or lakes of PA are all that treacherous so I can make do with something simple. But when trying to imagine the logistics or expenses involved, there were no viable options that would give me what I want: simplicity, low cost, quick/easy access and free storage. I’ve thought a lot about having a boat, but there really didn’t seem to be any practical or sensible way to go about it.

My wife and I went to a Outdoor Expo yesterday, with no intention at all to buy a boat. Although having a boat is often on my mind, the idea of me in the boat usually involves me paying no trivial sum of money to rent it. But after looking around for someone that would sell me some mono line for my ultra-light, we came across a Porta-Bote sales booth.

Kate took one look at it, her face lit up, and she said, “this is the solution to everything!’

We bought a boat. Its 10’8″ long, is fashioned like a row boat, comes with two oars, and it is foldable. Yup. You fold it up.

The company has produced 50,000+ boats in the past 30 years and from what I can tell on YouTube, they have a pretty solid cult following. I can see why. The material they are made from won’t allow the boat to sink, even when filled with water. The material is what they make bullet proof jackets with, so its nearly impossible to break them. The also fold up into something that is 4″ thick, by 18″ deep, by 10.5′ long, as the guy in the above pic demonstrates. They also weigh 48 lbs when in that state, so it’ll be easy for one man (me) to launch them it into Darby Creek and Lake Nockamixon this season. And to top it all off, I can store it in the man-room at our apartment — no costly slip rental fees or out of the way storage locations!

We’re expacting to pay it off and receive it sometime in late May. I’m thinking naming the boat “Thousandaire’s Dream”. It seems totally appropriate.

Here’s a video of the Porta-boat sales spiel. The video gives a pretty good run down of its capabilities and safety features. The version we got doesn’t come with an outboard, but there’s a slot for an engine with a weight up to 55lbs. A 4hp or 6hp electric or gas engine was recommended by the salesman. I’ll probaby be hitting eBay later in the season, but to get started, the oars will do just fine!

Kate is standing in front of the color/size model we ordered. The long thing leaning next to it on the right is the same boat folded up, ready to be put on the roof rack of someone’s car.

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