West Dennis, Massachusetts & Swan Pond River

Our big adventure this summer will be a 4-day Labor Day weekend trip to West Dennis, Massachusetts. The town is sort of noted by the push pin looking icon half way across the portion of the cape that runs east west in the map below. We should be arriving late Wednesday night and will be enjoying the next several days off before Kate’s new job starts and the typical busy season of web design projects begin.

map of cape cod

We’re staying at a friend’s place, along with a few other folks, in a town called West Dennis. The house is located on a tidal river (estuary) known as Swan Pond River. It runs from the ocean to a pond that is visible in the upper right portion of the photo below. The house is situated about 1/3 of the way up the river in the aerial photo. I bought a surf rod especially for this trip. As per usual, I can find very little to no information on this body of water, nor what to expect to find swimming in it. (As I’ve detailed in this blog before, fisherman don’t seem seem to write a whole lot.) The only info I’ve really been able to obtain is the fact that the waterway was recently certified as being open to commercial shell fishing, which I assume means the water should be clean enough to eat catches from. The water is “brackish” (mixed salf and fresh water) and from what I understand, biological diversity is usually pretty high in such places. If what I’ve found in the tidal estuary known as Darby Creek is any indication, this should be, at the very least, good catch-and-release fishing.

image of swan pond river

Here’s a pic I found online that someone else took. From what I can tell, it looks like I’ll be tromping around on tidal marsh land.



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