4th of July Fishin’

I spent a good portion of yesterday fishing the pond at Barb and Paul’s place while we collectively celebrated the high-point of summer and my favorite holiday – the 4th of July. I brought the rod and reel and had quite a big day. In fact, I caught more fish on this particular day than I have all other days combined this season. All together, I brought in about a dozen different fish, including some rock bass and another sunny species or two, and a really nice 12″ to 14″ inch largemouth bass. If we were so inclinded, this could have been a nice dinner for two. But all fish were caught and released. I’m happy to say I’ve gotten quite good at removing hooks cleanly and quickly. 

The pond was absolutely full to the brim with sunnys and largemouth bass. I’d have to say it was a 4 to 1 ratio, with the less plentiful bass showing sizes of about 20% larger than what is pictured. The bass and sunnys, which were bumping into each other all along the shoreline, were complemented with scads of minnows and an array of fireflys more diverse than I’ve ever seen in one place before. At one point I caught three fish on three successive casts. The third one was my intended target, the above pictured bass. I read bass like to congregate along various transition zones so I set out looking for him along a line between where there was clear water and water that was covered in an algae bloom. A rubber minow with a jig set on top of a hook to give it some weight did the trick. The sunnys and rock bass were caught with yellow rubber grubs and my most consistent attractor: crankbaits. I still haven’t had a hit this summer on gold spoons. I figured if it were going to happen, it would have happened yesterday. The most productive part of the trip was being able to see dozens of fish at the same time and watch how they react to various bait shapes, colors, and movements. They seemed the least aggressive towards the spoons on this day.

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