Friday’s Lures

It looks like the client is not going to be able to get us to work this weekend so my Friday plans, along with the decent weater forecast, are coming together to protect our plans on the lake.

The present course of action is to rent a boat and set off across the deepest part of a lake to an inlet on the northern end that I suspect might be great small and large mouth bass areas. Probably not a bad showing for panfish and catfish in the channels either. I’ve read enough and seen enough of the water to say it all makes sense. I just have to execute.

As far as my hardware concerns, the top 4 lures in the pic will be attached to a long line being trolled behind our boat as we make our way across the lake in a zig-zag pattern. I’m hoping we’ll get a lucky strike in the middle of a school of fish somewhere on the way, but not counting on it. I always have a swivel attached these days so that I can quickly hook one and unhook another. Might add a leader at some point but for now I’m confortable with a flexible rig.

The top, crazy yellow looking item has a small lip and will descend and move pretty well about surface to 5′ under when retrieved. I’m interested in checking out its action as I’ve neever seen this one move yet. The next three – a big crank bait on the left, a “ratalin’” Rapala, and a prop bait (swimming resembles a dying fish) will be pulled from 3′ under to just above the surface of the bottom of the lake, depending upon retrieve. The following row, with spoon, surface stick bait, and fly tailed treble hook are all for the zones 3′ to 15′ off shore, and for about 3′ below the surface to surface. I’m counting on those guys to deliver on the small mounth bass and sunnys off the shore.

The bottom level, jigs, grubs, rubber minnow with jig, green thing with jig and hook – all for coastal work along the rocks for sun fish or maybe even a cat fish. Not a super big priority, but I’ll be giving it a shot if the first two approaches go no where.

I work an area 20 feet wide in front of me from surface to bottom, working through each classification of lures and then move on laterally when there’s no luck.

In case you were wondering, the red and silver crank bait on the right in the third row has caught me more fish this summer than anything else. Little sunnys and bigger small mouth love to tangle with them. And heck, pay the extra few bucks for the Rapala version. It’ll be worth it. I just unwrapped the $7 Ratalin’ Rapala in the row above that, now that I now how hard it it is to get hardware stuck on the lake floor.

Friday shall be epic – boats, compass, first aid bag, rudders, fishing poles, video camera. Oh, this shall be an adventure.


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