Finally, some Ethiopean Food

I love the panaroma option on the Minolta. I got a really great shot of the city skyline, slightly obsfuscated by smoke stacks and a flock of sea gulls flying over the trash dump in South Philly. But that’s on a roll not yet developed. So for now you’ll have to settle for this shot of the rather sparse Clark Park farmers’ market, as it looks this time of year.  This will be a cool shot to revisit a few times over the course of the year.

Clark Park Farmers' Market

Some additional Clark Park pics that will be nice to revisit with various stages of foilage.

And there’s always Photoshop:

This is actually a functioning business on the left. I’m facing east here at 61st and Lancaster Ave.

61st and Lancaster Ave Philadelphia

I’ve finally gotten out to a few neighborhood eateries over the past week. I briefly sat down last weekend for a gyro at the place pictured below. It was some sort of kabob place owned by a Tunisian gentleman. It was like eating in a gas station bathroom. In Pakistan. But for $5.50, you can’t beat what he was serving up — and there’s parking out front.

I couldn’t believe that we’ve lived here two months now and we still haven’t gone to an Ethiopian restaurant yet so I broke down and went out to lunch twice this weekend, first to Blue Nile Falls on Saturday, then to Queen of Sheeba today. Both are a few doors apart on Baltimore Avenue.

Blue Nile had great food with a mild flavor. Prices were about what I see everywhere else ($8-$10/entree). The decor looked like a Jersey shore rental house, if it were owned and rented out by the owner of an Ethiopian restaurant. The music being played sounded to be the African equivalent of Kenny G.

Queen of Sheeba might be my new hangout. They’ve got a big screen tv that plays an Ethiopean news station via satellite, PBR adverts, Al Green on the juke box, good food, and DJs. The walls are plastered with posters of MLK, Obama, and Hailie Selassie. The food was hot and the waitress was kind enough to bring me an entire pitcher of water for my dining experience. It was good food and prices were about a $ or two more than what you see anywhere else but the vibe was worth it.


I see a lot of ads for a lot of things on telephone poles in the neighborhood. I saw a communique from the Hot Chocolate Society the other day. It was something about a Roger Waters movie. Here is an ad for an event held at Elana’s Soul and Showcase Lounge. Procedes benefit a local women’s shelter and the local anarchist group.

This is an (un)common cat.

Cosmo the Cart

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  1. Paul Jedrzejewski says:

    These are nice pictures. I could do an Ethiopian restaurant.

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