Some recent cold weather pics in the new neighborhood

I recently picked up a couple of used cameras, including a Minolta. Its an early 90s film camera with with a couple of nice lenses. I haven’t had the patience/time yet to read the book I bought on how to take real pictures with cameras a bit more feature rich than a standard point-and-shoot. So I’ve been just going out and figuring it out as I go along.

This seemed almost obligatory for the neighborhood. Its at 43rd and Baltimore and is a great place to pick up a cup of coffee before we hit the Clark Park market.

I was hoping the glare on the glass I was seeing wouldn’t show up in the shot, which it didn’t. Addtionally, I was hoping the woman’s face would be pointed exactly in the direction it was when the shot happened. It was a matter of timing. And again, I was lucky. Unfortunately, I wasn’t so lucky with the lighting on this dreary day, nor was I able to set a better depth of field contrast on the background that I really intended. I think I might mess around in Photoshop with this one eventually.

I was hoping to see a good contrast with near and far by having the telephone pole be crisp and clear and the background blurred out. It worked. The glass seems to be adequate for that type of thing. I’ll have to revisit this shot in the fall at sunset or something. There’s a good shot waiting to be taken there.

This is from the corner of 48th and Pine. There was 800 speed film in the camera when I got it, thus the bleak washed out look. 

This shot is taken with my back to the above photographed coffee shop.

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