Phillies World Series Victory: Wrap-Up

We spent the evening at Andrea and Kieran’s last night, with Ingrid and Bob, and a few neighbors. After the victory we all gathered ourselves into a mob/rabble and marched down to the Rocky Statue in front of the Art Museum. Car horns were honking and people were everywhere, running and yelling and soaking up beers. We headed back to the house and got caught up with events at 25th and Fairmount Ave. It was pretty rowdy but I didn’t see any property damaged and the cops in the area let everyone blow off steam without acting liking NAZIs, as seemed to be the case in places like Doylestown.I managed to get a few videos taken of the revelry:–Tu1s

I suspected there would be quite a celebration down on Broad Street near City Hall, and it would have only taken us 20 minutes to walk there, but we sort of figured there would be a little bit too much drama — and there certainly was. Given the odd circumstances surrounding the game — they only had to play 3 and 1/2 innings — fans only drank about half as much as they otherwise would have. I hate to think what South Broad Street would have looked like had the crowd been *doubly* loaded.

There are plenty of pics of the Broad Street action on

Here is the aftermath today. For some odd reason the bus I came into work on got into TWO accidents on the way there and I ended up entering the building from the rear and didn’t really get to see what Broad Street looked like first thing in the morning. I suspect it was a lot worse in the morning than what it looked like at 2pm when I finally got out of the office to look around.

[It should be noted that the hallway leading to my office is not pitch black all of the time. The screens are so bright that it does something to my cell phone's perception of light and forces it to, I suppose, tone down the bright.]

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