Shool Project

I sent this to a few friends a few weeks ago:

so i work in this really creative environment where quirky things are
staged by mgmt from time to time.

they handed out these little 2 inch by 3 inch canvases where we’re
supposed to do a self-portrait of ourselves (in the context of our
workspace). we can go about it however, including i suppose something
abstract and mixed-media.

the thing is, i just can’t even get an idea as a starting point.

No one was really any help. Then today, as I was waiting for new tires at Pep Boys and the Phillies, I had an idea. It was a brief flash. I’m so glad I knew where the pastels and pencils and such were when I got back home. Its been a few years since I sketched anything and I was so happy to see the art supplies all piled between the CD case and the TV stand. I told Kate the idea before I put it down on the canvas and she protested that it was supposed to be a “self-portrait at work.” I countered that no one said I had to be the observed. I reserved the right to be the observer.


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