Obi Wan, you’re only hope for timely bitter herbs and salted water! And don’t forget the horse raddish!

We had yet another busy weekend. In case you haven’t heard through the grapevine by now, Kate and I shared drinks with members of the Kennedys, of Boston. Yes, a few of those folks. We met an Obama campaigner close up in the campaign hierarchy on Market Street who was looking for the Bellevue and conversation with the local color. He came to the right people! That turned into drinks at the Palm with the wife of Bobby Kennedy’s 9th child and their two children. I immediately wrote a narrative of the evening when I got it home, then took it down in the morning. I have a few edits and about an additional 8 – 12 lines and it’ll be just right. Spoiler: Long story short, if Jack could get elected, Obama can get elected. No doubt.

I’m still uploading pics from the Star Wars exhibit at the Franklin Institute we went to before rubbing elbows with Ethel Kennedy’s grand-daughters. I’ll post when there’s a link to a slide show.

And how can I forget, we went to a friend’s Seder meal on Sunday. Pictures and heartbearn to follow. A good time was had by all!


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