Look Ma, I’m King of the Internet

[Update: I removed the company name from this as I wouldn't want clients surfing around wedding and vacation pictures. Also, the papers are signed, the resignation letter is in, and we're off shopping tomorrow for new clothes with my signing bonus. No more jeans!]

I just received a verbal offer from HR of XXXX for the position of Senior Interactive Technologist. I accepted. The employee handbook, offer letter, and acceptance letter are due to arrive later this afternoon. After returning my signed acceptance letter, I’ll be giving notice tomorrow and plan to start on April 24th. The pay is about 2% less than what I was asking for (totally acceptable!) and benefits are incredible. This is a major step up from what I am getting now.

I’ll be working with advanced front-end web design using a combination of XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, and XML/XSLT. My niche will exist between coordinating the work of back-end programmers and graphic artists. Much of what I will do will be implementing what our cognitive psychologists on staff determine to be the best way to design web sites, as well as meet accessibility standards for the visually impaired. I will start training on a language known as .NET (pronounced “dot net”) in the first few weeks to add to an other language, known as PHP, that I have been working with for the past several years. These technologies are all web based and I will remain within the realm of web design, as I have for the past 6 years. I have gone from Network Administrator, to Systems Administrator, to Web Architect, to Owner, to PHP Programmer, to now as Senior Interactive Technologist over the past 10 years. I’ve had a good sampling of what the field offers and I feel this is the type of place and position I have been looking to find myself in since I’ve gotten into the businesses. I hope and plan to stay with this organization for a number of years to come.

From the company’s web site:

“From its headquarters in Philadelphia – and at offices in New York, London and Raleigh – XXXXX improves the design and usability of software applications, enterprise software and browser-based applications. The company’s staff of nearly 80 experts is dedicated to conducting groundbreaking work in data visualization, user interface design, usability and human factors, and business process analytics for an elite client roster. For more than 17 years, the company’s solutions have earned superior results for the world’s most notable brands in energy, financial services, health care, media and government. Across all categories, clients continue to select Electronic Ink for its proven ability to impact efficiency and maximize productivity.”

The list of very well-known, house-hold named clients they have worked with over the years can be found here:

[Note: ask me for the link.]

They are located in an ultra-modern, ultra-cool office on the 19th floor, overlooking most of center city, at XXXX S. Broad Street, about 50 yards from City Hall. Given the location as being the center of all things SEPTA, Kate and I will have a great deal of flexibility as to where we can live in the city in the future. If you are savvy with Google maps, you can get a street view by clicking this link.

I just realized today that I have not yet faxed back my acceptance letter and I already refer to the organization as “we,” where as I still refer to my present employer as “them” after 2 years of employment. I guess this is the right move.
Yes, this is a good move at a good time. I couldn’t possibly be more excited about this opportunity.

Start the fireworks!

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