This is what cold looks like

Dommie, myself, Bob and our wives (Caronlyn, Kate and Jackie) and Bob’s son, Sam (age 2), went to Dommie/Carolyn’s family’s place up in Laconia, NH this weekend. We rolled out of Philly at about 4:30 on Friday and drove to Laconia with 2 brief stops. Its about 400 miles (8 hours with stops) and took us through PA, NJ, NY, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and into the interior lake region of New Hampshire (taking my states visited total to 29). The directions were great, but the confirmations we got from GPS on my new cell phone made it a breeze. It stayed clear and cold all the way up there. Once we got about 2 miles from our destination it started snowing like mad. The final 100 yards saw us driving over really bumpy icy conditions. It was all dramatic for the final 10 minutes. The house we arrived at overlooked Lake Winnisquam and its 3 feet of ice cover.

Dommie, Bob, and I were on the ice most of Saturday. I was too cheap to bother with the license and rig expenses and such and figured I’d do my party my documenting the experience. The two of them worked 4 holes and caught a 19.5″ Lake Trout on Saturday which we promptly ate cave man style that evening. It was about 12 F and the wind was at about 15 mph, giving us a really sweet, sweet wind-chill. Saturday night saw temps of 3 F.

I got a lot of really great video footage that got somewhat destroyed due to some technical problems. It looks like I can recover the data with some software and a little bit of time so I’m hoping for the best. After not catching any fish for two days the three of us decided to film a documentary about how one would go about ice fishing. In the middle of it we got a bite and a fish was caught, much to our collective amazement. Its a really great moment that I really hope I can recover using some software tools. If not, you’ll just have to take my word for it that it was really cool.

You can see a slide show here.

Lake Winnisquam

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