New Curtains, Stoplight

Kate and Anny reduced the length of the curtains by about half and hung them at about the halfway point in the windows. Anny had her sewing machine in tow on Sunday and did the hemming. From the top hangs a new sheer (sp?). We’ll get more natural light with this setup and won’t have to worry about privacy or opening and closing of drapes.The stop light at the top left of the pic probably can’t be missed. About four years back I woke up one night, opened the front door of my house and found it just sitting there. It was at the bottom of my three step stoop, facing the house, waiting for me to give it a home. It languished in the basement for a few years before this weekend. We stripped out the innards and filled it with Christmas lights. Now we have a stoplight in the living room. We’ve already got brick walls. We’ll next need to rip up the rugs, get hardwood, and hang duct work from the ceiling. Then we’ll have a proper urban industrial look down.

Or maybe not.

Anyway, I never thought I’d say this, but I think the stoplight really pulls the room together.


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