Honeymoon: Sedona, Arizona

Our orginal Honeymoon plan was to go to Sedona, Arizona. We sat on that idea for a little while, then decided Montreal would be a better choice. And then we thought we settled on London. Now we’re back to Sedona. We pulled the trigger on things and have made reservations. We’re going to the Arizona! Here’s a description of where we’ll be staying:

Even though it is located on the first floor off the living room, the Yavapai has commanding red rock views because of our high elevation. Sit on your own porch and see Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte lit up by the setting sun or lie in your queen bed, snuggled in luxe linens and see the sunlight play over Red Butte at daybreak, with your privacy protected by honeycomb shades that go from the bottom up. Or relax in the double Jacuzzi, with the window above it. The leather bed and chair and cattle horns provide an ideal setting for enjoying some old cowboy flicks filmed in Sedona.

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