No Longer Engaged to Be Engaged

After 1 and a? 1/2 years of knowing the most wonderful and prettiest girl I’ve ever met, I popped “the question” this past Friday nite? in Rittenhouse Square. We ended up on a park bench there on our first date, in the rain (of course), and it seemed like the natural place to return to on an evening containing such importance. We had been discussing marriage for quite a while, our parents have met, and plans have been in the works for a wedding location and related details for months now. But I never actually asked.

I gave her my little speech and asked her to be my wife. She said yes and on went the ring. Shortly after the excitement of the immediate event we started making phone calls. A little while after we talked to everyone we could get ahold of the question became, what now? I was totally down for an Indian food buffet. I think that was the first full meal I had eaten all week. There were delays with the ring we ordered and work was beyond hectic during the previous weeks. I was so relieved to finally find myself in this moment of bliss.

The park was filled at dusk with people enjoying themselves. We were just one little corner of this world, enjoying an incredible moment. Looking back at it, I feel as though we were in some sort of French painting, with a ray of light shining on us as the world and its anonymous strangers went on around us. I expected the 300 people in the park to all start clapping at some point, but I guess that only happens in movies.

We spent the weekend getting the house ready for her move-in at the end of the month. Sunday nite was time for dinner at my parents’ place. They gave her a little gift and she spent quite a bit of time paging through bridal magazines with my mother.

All is well in the world.

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